How To Save Money On Your Las Vegas Vacation – casino with little money

Las Vegas is a popular travel destination and it’s no wonder. With casinos, shows and 24-hour entertainment, Las Vegas offers the kind of non-stop action that thrill seekers love on their vacations. The only problem is that a Vegas vacation can get expensive.Between money for entertainment, gambling, food and lodging, the expenses can stack up fast. But with a little bit of planning you can save a lot of money on your Vegas vacation. Here’s what you need to know.The first step to saving money when you travel to Las Vegas is to set a budget before you go. Your budget should include money for food, money for entertainment and, if you wish, money for gambling. Keep in mind that there are a lot of things to do in Las Vegas that don’t involve gambling. You can take advantage of the other venues and save a lot of money by cutting gambling out entirely. If you do plan to gamble, make sure to set a specific amount of money aside. This way, once you reach that limit, win or lose, you know that it’s time to stop gambling.It used to be that hotels, restaurants and other venues in Vegas had very low prices because the tourism industry wanted people to come to the city to spend money in the casinos. And while it’s true that things in Las Vegas aren’t as cheap as they once were, you can still find some deals. Hotels often offer discounts if you plan your trip for the middle of the week. Make sure to compare prices using your favorite online travel service when you plan your travel dates. Las Vegas has at least one convention a month for various groups, and during these weeks the prices on hotels can go up.To save even more money, look for hotel packages of two-day, three-day or week-long stays. If you buy a package for a specific number of nights, you’ll often end up paying less. If you were just planning on staying one night, you might be better off staying two nights with a package deal. Because Vegas is such a popular tourist destination, you can find special promotions on Vegas hotels and packages almost any time of year. Of course, you’ll want to leave plenty of time to shop around for the best package deals, and you’ll want to book early to get the best prices.If you’re not married to staying on the strip, you may be able to save even more money by exploring the downtown hotels or weekly motels. These locations are frequented by budget travelers who want to save money on lodging. These hotels often have great package deals to attract more visitors and many offer shuttle service to the strip as well as to the downtown area of Vegas.Even if you don’t gamble, the casinos can provide some memorable dining experiences. Before you leave for your trip, buy a budget guide to Las Vegas travel and check out the dining section. This book will give you a good overview of your many options on and off the strip. Weekday buffets at casinos can be a good way to get large meals. Most casinos offer buffets and some even serve breakfast. If you don’t want to go the buffet route, your cheapest options will be the sandwich shops and inexpensive diners in town.If you plan on seeing a show, you can save money by planning ahead and getting your tickets early. This way, you’ll be able to get great seats to see the entertainment that you want without paying a high price. Refer to your budget Vegas travel guide for more help on picking a show within your budget.

Hobart Casino Vacation – casino with little money

With its gorgeous location on the peaceful banks of the Derwent River the Wrest Point Casino is Australia’s oldest licensed Casino. The Wrest Point casino offers travellers some of the best views in all of Tasmania, and considering that it Hobart is also one of Australia’s most beautiful and historically important cities these views really are worth the trip.When the Wrest Point casino was originally built in 1973 it opened up a new dawn in Australia’s gaming industry. Its popularity was instant with large numbers of interstate visitors coming down to Tasmania, and it has been a popular attraction ever since for both the domestic and international tourists ever since. And its most recent face-lift you can be sure that the Wrest Point casino will be a popular attraction with visitors for a long time yet.In terms of location, not only is the Wrest Point casino in a picturesque spot on the Derwent River, its also and within a mere 3km (only 2 miles) of the centre of Hobart city. When you consider the views, the central location and the affordable prices its little surprise that Wrest Point is the perfect place for you Hobart casino vacation. With such a perfect location its only natural that you will want to see some of the nearby attractions, here is a small sample of what Hobart has to offer:- Australia’s oldest beer brewery, the Cascade- Come and see some Koalas at the Richmond Zoodoo- You can tour the ancient landscape with the local aborigines Australia’s original inhabitants- Shop at eclectic Salamanca Market- Take the incredible Cadbury Cruise, a real life Willy Wonka adventure- and take a drive up the beautiful Mount WellingtonWhile the weather in Hobart is generally considered to be quite brisk (it is common-place to smell the burning wood of the Hobart fireplaces right into spring). But in the summer months, like everywhere in Australia it gets really hot so be careful to pack appropriate sun protection from the sun, but summer is surely the best time for your Hobart casino vacation.In terms of the gaming experience the Wrest Point casino itself offers the very latest trends in Video Gaming and Poker machines, and with over 745 different machines to choose from on the floor your odds of finding your lucky machine are pretty good. The variety of table games available extends to Texas Hold’em Poker, American Roulette, Pontoon, Rapid Roulette, the fun Money Wheel and the incredibly popular Blackjack. All of the games are an important part of any Hobart casino vacation.And for those deep pocket high rollers there is of course a high stakes VIP room, only for those gambles that get a kick out of putting the big money on the line. The games in the VIP room are only on from 2pm until late everyday of the year. And if any of the games in the casino are unfamiliar to you or you would just like to brush up on the rules before leaping in then you can always ask the croupiers for a few quick lessons.No Hobart casino vacation is complete without great food and from a lazy breakfast in bed, or a small snack in between tours to some of the finest culinary delights in all of Australia, Wrest Point will cater to your every whim. Many of you will know that Tasmania has an international reputation for its variety of seafood and fresh produce so make sure that you take the opportunity to try what everyone else is raving about, the best restaurant in town is Wrest Point casino’s supreme 5 star restaurant. Of course another important part of any Australia casino vacation in the bars, and that there are so many awesome bars at the Wrest Point casino so you can relax and enjoy some great Cocktails, some special local wine and local beer all while you sit back and chill out to some great live music.When it comes to accommodation there is no doubt that your best option is to stay at the Wrest Point Hotel. With its central location and low prices its little wonder that it is the number one accommodation option for most tourists on their Hobart casino vacation. Wrest Point Hotel is such a proud part of Tasmania’s history and gives guests the unique position to go and explore the rest of Tasmania. And the facilities available to the quests at the Wrest Point Hotel are second to none with a great Pool, Sauna, the essential Jacuzzi, and Gym there is almost as much to do inside the Wrest Point Hotel as there is outside. The one thing that guest constantly mention is the effect of the constant and naturally beautiful view wherever you look, its truly the most breathtaking part of your Hobart casino vacation.If you would like to see one of the most pristine parts of the world without having to camp and trudge around in the mud, then Wrest Point casino is the ideal place for you. So when you are planning your Hobart casino vacation look no further than Wrest Point casino, aussiecasino07.